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Wow, reading this is like seeing my own story too. I have a parent who's narcissistic, married with a narc and just broke up with one whom I just realized is perhaps a covert narc. I wouldn't use NPD to describe them as they are not full blown. With the last one, the betrayal and the lies and gaslighting he employed shattered my sense of trust in everything, including myself. I'm still reeling from the devastation.

I find this to be true in my case: "You become groomed to accept less and accept mistreatment. Because you give away little pieces of yourself and your dignity and self worth over time until you look at how unstable your life has become and how unstead you feel." As a result of my upbringing in such an environment, I didn't know anything better than to tolerate mistreatment without saying "no," drawing boundaries or walking away.

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It resonated with me when I heard narcissistic abuse described as erosion as your self worth and self esteem. Incrementally. Over time. You don't realize you're losing it as it goes--a distinct type of trauma compared to others.

Sometimes it's hard to label someone with NPD whereas sometimes I think they are better described as EIP-emotionally immature persons.

<3 Hugs and love to you.

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Yes, your description is very accurate. It's like being a frog in gradually boiling water. It's so insiduous that you don't really notice it as the erosion goes on.

Right, I think in my case I have lived around EIP all my life and that becomes normalized in my pscyhe. The only thing I can do is to become emotionally mature myself.

Hugs and love to you too!

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