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Leaving mom


Re-defining Trauma

Owning Your Story

One page moment--

Vulnerability and Shame of Suicide interconnected:

Vulnerability and Shame of Suicide

Seven years ago today...

PTSD as brain injury


When your body and mind fail you

Trauma is not about reliving

Part III

Wounded Storytellers

Part II : NoStigmas Podcast


Side effects of PTSD


Rewiring our bodily trauma and circuitry

Shifting Your Perspective

Split Second Decision: To share or not to share

The split second decision--to share or not to share?

Podcast: NoStigmas


Power in Wounds


Owning my Story

Theatre and Trauma

Resisting Islamophobia

The Story is Mine

A Final Word on my Throat Chakra

Third Biofield Tuning Session

Turning violence into creativity

Gathering Tools for my tool belt

Re-considering anti-depressants

Biofield Tuning

Breaking the cycle:

Are we just energy? Electric and bioplasmic beings?

Further experiences and reflections

The heart

Dying of a broken heart

Grief is Love with nowhere to go

Experiencing Biofield Tuning

EMDR--more effective than Prozac

Good News: We're Not Hopelessly Fucked

The Ugliness of Depression:

Emotional Inheritance: The Stories, Scars & Wounds:

The less noticeable part of grief...

May: Mental Health Month

The Ripple Effect: When you hear someone else

Something Productive from the Pain

Something Productive from the Pain

Suicide Survivors: the Guilt, the Relief, the Freedom

Revisioning Trauma

Survivorship is a Verb

Suicide Ideation vs. Suicide Attempts

On not becoming another suicide statistic

Suicide Ideation vs. Suicide Attempts

Finding the Place in the Trauma

Discerning Vocation

What NOT to say

The Elusiveness of Sleep

Alcohol and Anxiety

The role of memory in Grief

Self care as mindfulness

Self care, Self Maintenance

At constant war with your mind?

Trauma and Intergenerational Healing

Vulnerability: Admitting Mental Illness

Depends on how hard you look...

Omens and Regrets

Emptying your cup

Solidarity between Suicide Survivors

When the cup over floweth

Grief & Mourning

Microbiome of the Gut

Spinning this Shit Into Gold

A moment of self-awareness

Hot 26 Yoga


Intentional Word Choice

My Remedies

Life at the Bottom:

Serotonin and Dopamine

"You're So Strong..."

People say...

The Gendered Component

Tribute: Remembering my Mother