Sitemap - 2024 - Danielle’s Newsletter

Our intense Emotional Illiteracy

Paths of Healing & Breaking Cycles

The 'S' Word

The Family Disease

National Semi Colon Awareness Day

National Semi Colon Awareness Day

I'm sorry to complain about my family

The Vanity of Narcissists

Anhedonia & Alexythmia

What is it that you are desperate to hear?

What is it that you really need to hear?

Grief: The Weight and Burden

Grief: The Weight, the Burden

Men's Bullshit

Neuro-divergent because of my PTSD brain

To the Panama teacher who said:

Who [gets to] calls themselves a grief expert

Dumb Shit People Say


Dear Narcissistic ex

Dear Narcissist Ex


Little 't' trauma distinctions are maddening to me

Self Compassion as Imperative for Trauma Survivors

On Being a Cycle Breaker

I'm a Cycle Breaker

As the appointed trauma judge

As an appointed trauma judge

To my 5 year and 12 year old selves

What I would want my five and twelve year old selves to know and not know

Are we asking the right questions?

Rethinking "addictive personality"

Alchemizing Trauma

Striving for Alchemy of Trauma

Survivors' Guilt, Waves of Grief & Intergenerational Trauma

Survivors guilt', Grief Waves & Intergenerational Trauma

Imposter Syndrome:

Imposter syndrome

Emotional wounds, Intergenerational trauma


Stories are why I'm here

Branching out with the writing

On only putting up pictures of my brother

Putting up pictures of my brother

"What if..."

What if...

Trauma begets Trauma

"You're so lucky...

We are more

We are more than how we die



I am my mother's legacy

I am my mother's legacy

My brother

I recover out loud:

I recover out loud:

"Are you going alone?"

"Are you going alone?"


My Letter to other [family] suicide survivors

My letter to other [family] suicide survivors



Storying and Stories

Stories and the Storying

The Givers and the Takers

Haunted by Stuff


Reimagining myself: Sober Curious

The judging of the mentally ill

How much unprocessed trauma affects us:

When the source of humor

Love really is all around

The 'Other' Significant Others

A different type of mourning:

A different type of mourning:

Complex Feelings Elicited by the--

Feeling a bit Turtle-esque these days:

When a kid carries shame of home

My Little Life

My Little Life

I Found my Soulmate:

Did we choose this beforehand?

Resilient me

What Trauma can teach us:

Strength & Beauty of women's friendships



When words don't match the actions

Rethinking Addiction


Dysregulated Nervous Systems

My Attachment Styles and other Therapy Insights


My decision to remain Childless:

Trauma isn't on the periphery:

Addiction also defined as:

Etymology of Emotion

The Etymology of Emotion

When Divinity Doesn't Intervene

the Sacred Nature of Stories

The Sacred Nature of Stories:

Growing Still, Amidst Darkness

Like a Monstera: Pushing Through Darkness

Life is a paradox

Life is a paradox

Made to Feel

I am a paid writer:


My New Year's Goal:


"I'm interesting"

Depression Lies

"Depression Lies"

Anesthetizing the pain

I know your life sucks...

Listening to the sage and powerful advice

Lessons: Self Love

Why I have to write my story:

The worst thing happened to me...