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The challenge of the Holidays



Disassociations from the Body

Disassociations from the Body

The Power in Listening to Your Body

The power of involving the body to ask it questions--

I am my mother's child


The heartbreak when I've learned...

We don't get to choose our family

Good riddance

Good riddance

Crunchy leaves

Possibilities in Brokenness and Suffering

Enneagram 4

Better off Alone

I am my mother's child

Well-acquainted with Grief

Feeling all the feels

Practitioner of Bibliotherapy

Holding space for our traumatized Gen Zers

Trauma and its Far-Reaching Potential

Family Story



This October 29 Marks Eight Years

Some memories, though painful, but must be remembered

How Did Your Brother Die?

How Did Your Brother Die?

The role of memory in trauma

Trauma makes you feel unsafe

The body not only keeps score, but

Strategies of those with maladaptive personality disorders

The marathon:

What if it isn't a mental illness?

"Claiming" depression or anxiety

The mind-body connection:

Wounds to Wisdom

Layers of Trauma

Looking back now--

Bearing the scars of where we lost connection to ourselves:

The mothers that never were:

Honoring my mother...

"Seandaiyna dunia kami berbeda..."

On Being Enough

On being enough....

Trauma Spectrum

Self puffery

Trauma stored, subverbally

Template for Life

Template for Life

Loss of your family

The work, the responsibility

On Why We Accept Mistreatment

On Why We May Accept Mistreatment

Jeff Brown quote

We don't get to choose our family

Vulnerability or Grief?

Our ode to peace...

Why love and abuse cannot co-exist

Those with NPD are children

Behold: The Power of Stories

The wounded inner child

Childhood Trauma

Grief is Love

The elephant hooded towel

Disbanding the Trauma Police

Oddly Specific Childhood Trauma

Suicide Prevention Awareness

Compassion, Empathy, and Sympathy

In order to heal

September is Suicide Awareness Month

Meeting someone else..

Worth the Work

The change: when I started demanding better of, and for, myself

Flattening a Story

Suicide Survivors

It helped me when I learned...

Vulnerability in Date Conversations

"Happy Pills"

My updates

Journey Through Trauma


Is this real life?


Lacking Empathy


Microaggressions of Suicide

Elusiveness of Trauma

The Lessons I learned--

Suicide Slights...

Fuck the little 't'

Final Craniasacral Therapy session

Suicide Stigmas

Complex Traumas

Not Loving Oneself...

Emotionally illiterate Humans

Revisioning my emotionally abusive relationship

Living without parents...

Projection and Deflection

Toxicity in Relationships with Narcissists

Indian Wedding Festivities

Words are my medicine

A Poem

How little we really know

What does it mean to come home to yourself?

Grieving in life as much as in death

Grieving in life as much as in death

Tonight I cried...

When you can't trust everyone's intentions

When you can't trust everyone's intentions...

We get the family that we do...

We get the family that we do

You can't save someone...

You can't save someone...

The Body Remembers...

The body remembers

People who are nasty with others vs. those who embrace generosity, compassion and empathy

Shouldering others emotional labor

"Do you believe in fate?"

"Do you believe in fate?"


Shamed and Embarrassed

Fuck Little 't' Trauma

Emotional Intelligence

Narcissism and its causes

Craniasacral Therapy Session #2

All for a purpose

Spinning myself

The Egg

Watching "A Man Called Otto"

My healing journey continues

"Thank you for caring about our mental health"

"Thank you for caring about our mental health"

Adult Accountability

On Change & Letting Go

Predetermined? Am I a foregone conclusion?

Narcissism, Narcissistic Tendencies...

"Um, no. Actually, everyone's dead..."

"Um, no, everyone's dead..."

Rethinking to mother and mothering

From an 'old maid': manless, childless, a spinster

Remembering to Fly: My biggest lesson of 2022